Rainbow Necklace

Rainbow Necklace

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Necklace in sterling silver with 18 KT gold plated stone beads.

Imagine wearing a necklace that sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow! It's like carrying a piece of happiness around your neck. Each color represents something special, like red for love, orange for energy, yellow for sunshine, green for nature, blue for calmness, indigo for intuition, and violet for imagination. When you wear a rainbow necklace, it's like you're wearing a little bit of everything wonderful in the world. It's a reminder to embrace diversity, spread joy, and celebrate life's vibrant spectrum. So, let your necklace shine bright, just like you!

In order to receive the perfect fit, we recommend you to verify ring sizes before ordering. To help you select your ring size, please download and print (to scale) the following template.


CAUTION: You must select the «None» option under page scaling in your printer settings to avoid mistakes! Place your ring on the circles to select the right size. If your ring sits between two sizes, don’t hesitate to take the smaller one.


Size Guide for the ring

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