Styling With Diane: Forever Beads Collection

When we look back at the cultural history of any glorious tribe, we see an element that has been an integral part of their bijouterie till date. We are speaking of the evergreen and beautiful beads. Drawing some inspiration from our ethnic backdrops of African and Asian cultures, I designed Forever Beads collection, aptly named so because beads are here to stay for a long time reminding us of something eerie and magical.


"The beads have a deep symbolic meaning and are believed to create a connection with the divine as it illuminates the soul for spiritual growth."


 Look 1 with Suny

Season to flex them extra jewels this summer season✨ 
While the benefits of Citrine and Garnet with a center piece in Fire Opal, “Suny” also makes you stand out.



Look 2 with Ho

Woven delicately on a gold-plated sterling silver chain, the two magical stones, Moonstone and Labradorite are adorned with dainty little charm to add to the allure of this stunning creation in the Ho necklace. 


Look 3 with Amaya

Radiate the creative spirits with this beautiful Amaya necklace made from pink and white opal beads styled with Biva necklace in the picture below.


 Look 4 with Bolga

Spark the joyous spirit in you with this beautiful Bolga necklace made from Citrine and Chrysoprase styled with Anthea necklace.

 Look 5 with Baw

Necklaces from Forever beads collection are perfect for the ones who love to style them right.
While the benefits of Apetite, White Opal and, Turquoise, “Baw” also makes you stand out.



 Look 6 with Tako

Citrine power✨
I love crafting jewellery that looks good on you, gives you scope of experimenting with style, and let the natural gemstones bring all their benefits to you.

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