Bolga necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating with citrine and chrysoprase


Necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating.

Bolga is a sturdy and unyielding bold Gullion that is sure to leave its mark whenever carried with grit resoluteness. The beautiful beads of Citrine and Chrysoprase are woven intricately on a gold-plated silver chain along with tiny dainty charms and a solid Chrysoprase centerpiece giving Bolga its due ponderousness.

The spiritual meaning of Citrine is its yellow hues symbolizing the spiritual qualities of joy, abundance, and transmutation. It is said to be one of only two crystals that do not need to be recharged or purified. Chrysoprase traditionally symbolizes enterprise, happiness, and prudence. It is famous for being able to improve emotional health. It is said to promote empathy, forgiveness, growth, self-love, and a general lust for life. Let Bolga spread its positive and energetic aura around you and your cherished ones.

Style note: We suggest you Layer our Bolga necklace with one of our long chain necklaces such as Athea, Kisa or Biva

Necklace lenght : 38 cm + 2 cm ext

Pendant size: 2.5 cm x 2.1 cm


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When we look back at the cultural history of any glorious tribe, we see an element that has been an integral part of their bijouterie to date. We are speaking of the evergreen and beautiful beads.

Drawing some inspiration from our ethnic backdrops of African and Asian cultures, Diane Singh presents Forever Beads, a limited edition collection, aptly named so because beads are here to stay for a long time reminding us of something eerie and magical. The beads have a deep symbolic meaning and are believed to create a connection with the divine as it illuminates the soul for spiritual growth.

This collection consists of exclusive and off-beat pieces that have been handcrafted with unique charms and natural gemstones. Each piece is unique and has a distinct character on its own.

The designer here puts out her purest intentions in the form of carefully hand-picked gemstones, each in its natural form to keep the raw and rustic beauty intact. 

Choose your vibe from this exquisite edit.

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