For Mom, With Love: Gift Guide for Mums

Best hug giver. Soccer practice chauffeur. Friend, partner, advisor, teacher, or perfectly-imperfect role model. This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the layered, beautiful people that moms are and we are giving a discount of 30% for each mom who is bound to shine in these collections with their own style.

 The Millennial Moms

For the moms who are fashion-forward and who love to stay updated with the recent trends and fashion. The 'Horus' collection will positively transform and repel negative energy which gives a great intention for gifting.


The Bold Mums

The moms who love their jewels to be unique and original. 'Mutwa' is a collection with strong and opinionated moms who do not like to go their jewels unnoticed. This will add an asset to the jewelry collection.

The True Guide

The moms who are like the Pole Star- a true guide to the lost. At work or at home, she never leaves home without trendy, classic, and timeless jewellery—we've got a soon-to-be signature style that will complete your mom's whole vibe.
"A mom's hug lasts long after she lets go... Let a part of you stay with her in form of Diane Singh jewellery."
Use the code DS30 to get 30% off on your order.
The offer is valid from 1st May to 6th May 2022.
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