#WomenInPower : Gift yourself and your loved ones Diane Singh Jewellery

Being a woman in business comes with its fair share of hurdles, which is why it’s ever so inspiring to see women entrepreneurs making a difference with their skillset, ambition, and bodacious way of overcoming all the obstacles to lead and succeed. This International Women’s Day 2022, we’re celebrating the #DSWomenInPower who walk the extra mile to uplift other women and empower them.

We’re especially in awe of all the women out there who are shattering the glass ceiling and are inspiring change with their stories. We decided to meet and talk with these exceptional women entrepreneurs, photograph them and decided to share their stories with you. Stay tuned to our Instagram posts to read.

 1. Manu, Founder and manager of Curious Life Coffee Roasters



 2. Nancy, Folk Music Composer and Songwriter
 3. Natasha, Founder and Stylist at Tangerine the Boutique Salon

 5. Shilo, Contemporary Artist and Illustrator


 4. Reema, Professional Makeup Artist


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