10th Anniversary of Our Store in Jaipur


Concept French Jewellery Boutique

10 years and thriving!

I can't believe it! 

The last 10 years have been a roller coaster ride. Looking back from this day in 2012 till now, it has been a journey full of excitement, challenges, energetic and heart-felt connections, and endless emotions. Connecting with so many talented women and NGOs that support women empowerment has been a soulful experience. 

During first year, I can recall the time when the Boutique was new and I knew very few people in Jaipur. With my trust and your support, today it  feels like a dream come true. From the everyday encounters with tourists across the globe to the toughest times of Pandemic and lockdown, there were many doubts raised, but we stuck to our faith and kept moving forward. 


For many of you who do not know, Diane Singh also has a store in Jaipur which she started in April 2012. The idea was to curate and bring the local craft, and women lead brands to one place at Concept French Jewellery Boutique. Within just a couple of months, she received a tremendous response from tourists and locals who visited, appreciated, and loved the collection of products including Diane Singh Jewellery. 
After the pandemic of 2020, when the tourists stopped coming, the store went through a tough time but Diane did not lose faith and her faith has brought the charm back at the store. 

Today she and team CFJ couldn't have been more proud on completing 10 years. We threw a celebration gathering and invited all the loved ones to be part of the same. 
This wouldn't have been possible without you. 
To show gratitude, we are giving 20% on all products of Diane Singh for a week that is till 20th April, 2022 (Wednesday) to all our subscribers. We would love for you to get jeweled up and shine. 


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