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Born out of passion and her love for jewelry, Diane has a heartfelt connection with natural gemstones. She has been fond of collecting and cherishing them since her childhood.

She visited Jaipur in 2007 for a year-long internship in jewelry designing during her study of BBA in France, ever since she fell in love with the city and its rich culture. After designing for 10 years for European and Indian brands, she decided to establish her own label in 2019 as ‘Diane Singh’ in India. Her passion and dedication to working with local artisans have played an important role in the brand’s growth.

As a mother of two, she makes sure to have a balance between the time she spent working and with her family. She intends to bring the same balance and grounding in the women of today with her jewelry.

Every design of Diane Singh is Handmade in her workshop in Jaipur

Each and every stones is selected by the designer for each design

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