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Diane always had a passion for gemstones and as a child, she used to collect and cherish them with a lot of love. During her study of BBA in France, she visited Jaipur for a 1-year internship in 2007 to learn jewellery designing and its business management with an Indian company in the pink city.

She fell in love with the city, made up her mind to pursue her passion and lives in Jaipur since. After working for many years in the jewellery industry, designing for European and Indian brands, she started her own label in 2016 DIANE SINGH, in India.

Diane Singh’s collections coalesce the “Five Elements of Life” (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space) and are deeply inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India, the essence of nature with a minimalist soul.

Each piece is handmade in 925 silver/ gold plated 18K with natural semi-precious gemstones and in Solid Gold .

Diane Singh selects each and every gemstones for her designs and she has her own workshop in town where she can supervise the production from the beginning till the end.

Every design of Diane Singh is Handmade in her workshop in Jaipur

Each and every stones is selected by the designer for each design

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