Tunda necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating with chyrsoprase and ganesh in ruby zoisite


Necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating.

By having a rat as his vehicle, Ganesh is symbolically shown to have conquered this pest which is an obstacle to prosperity and success. Hence, in Hinduism, he is also regarded as the conqueror of obstacles.

Tunda is a beautiful statement piece adorned with two special gemstones, Chrysoprase and Ruby Zoisite. The lush minty tone of Chrysoprase beads is well suspended with a solid hand-carved  Ruby Zoisite Ganesha.

Chrysoprase promotes a love of truth. It promotes hope and encourages fidelity in business and personal relationships. It stimulates creativity and draws out one’s talents. Chrysoprase heals the inner child, releasing emotions locked in since childhood.

Ruby Zoisite aligns the heart and third eye to produce a deepened understanding of what negativity we are carrying and how to conquer it. Ruby is the stone of courage and strength that purges any fear or anxiety that sits within us daily. Green Zoisite’s energy produces growth and fertility in all aspects of life.

Dimension of necklace

Necklace length:38 cm

Pendant height : 2.7 cm

Width: 2.5 cm

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Out of stock



The Hindu Deity Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect along with prosperity. This Collection is inspired and named after him. Ganesh brings out to you the combination of artistry and awe-inspiring allure of the gemstones. Each piece has the appearance of Ganesh hand-carved on the stones immaculately.

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