Sitara long necklace handcrafted in sterling silver with turquoise


Handcrafted long necklace in sterling silver with natural semi-precious gemstones.

A beautifully handcrafted mala with natural semi-precious gemstones and a soft-brushed pendant having a petite and dainty carving of Pole star on it, Sitara gives a starry vibe to your whole persona. Perfect to layer with other dainties, or to wear it solo, a truly versatile piece in every manner.

Chain length: 65 cms

Styling tip: Try pairing Sitara with Mangal.



The Pole Star, the Little Dipper of the North Pole, the most splendid star in the sky, the one true guide to the lost; beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is ideally an inspiration for our Pole Star Collection. Handcrafted dainties with the allure of natural gemstone make it a perfect choice for an added everyday charm.

Additional information

Dimensions 65 cm

Black spinel, Dyed Ruby

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