Milo hammered ring handcrafted in sterling silver


Handcrafted ring in sterling silver with hammered top.

Handcrafted with a hammered disc top, Milo radiates creative spirits and symbolism. The hammered discs used to be adorned indigenously by the Revari or Rabari women, a Gujarati tribal community. This collection has the pure ethereal vibe of an entire culture.

Customizable in terms of ring size.

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Solar radiates the brilliant creative spirits and symbolism expressed through jewelry. The charms are all hammered using handmade skills techniques. An answer to all your jewelry dilemmas but with a hint of glam.

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EU 50/US 5, EU 51/US 5.5, EU 52/US 6, EU 53/US 6.5, EU 54/US 6.6, EU 55/US 7, EU 56/US 7.5

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