Luna bracelet in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating


Bracelet in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating 

Feel your inner moonchild with our Luna bracelet, an amiable digression of our Crescent-shaped family. This eccentric piece of bijouterie is a perfect accessory for your intimate gatherings or a night alone or any other night filled with zeal and joy.

Style note: style our crescent moon bracelet with our etoile bracelet for an iridescent look

Chain length : 13 cm +2 cm + 2 cm

Diameter crescent moon center piece : 10 mm

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Whenever we look up to the sky, the two most beautiful celestial objects entice us with their heavenly and preternatural glow, almost inseparable from each other, the moon and star. Reminiscing this pristine connection of humankind with our ethereal guardians, we bring out our beloved collection, Eternelle Moon & Star.

Each of these dainties has been made with love and pure skill in sterling silver finished off with 18 CT gold plating. The Stars have been adorned with Moissanite, a brilliant gemstone believed to be born from the stars, hence totally apt for this lovely edit.

May you always feel akin to the Moon & Star and they guide you through the darkest moments with their luster.

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