Lambo necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating with fire opal and ganesh in carnelian


Necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating.

A rustic charm of Fire opal beads woven together with an intense flush of Carnelian, Lambo has the perfect tone of Autumn hues. The immaculate carving of Ganesha is pure artistry. Ganesha among the various powerful Hindu Gods is said to be the god of prosperity and wealth. Lord Ganesha is believed to bring good luck and thus he is worshipped before anything new is started.

Carnelian is a powerhouse for success and one of the luckiest good luck charms known to humans. Not only is this gemstone beautiful but it also brings courage, energy, and creativity to anyone who wears it.

Fire-Opal has energies that can bring happiness to whoever uses or wears it. This stone will initiate hope, love, and delight and remove negativities by purifying your life. Above all, Fire Opal is a beautiful and powerful stone that is loaded with life as well as creative energies.

Dimensions of Necklace

Necklace length: 40 cm

Pendant height:

Width :

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The Hindu Deity Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, understanding, and a discriminating intellect along with prosperity. This Collection is inspired and named after him. Ganesh brings out to you the combination of artistry and awe-inspiring allure of the gemstones. Each piece has the appearance of Ganesh hand-carved on the stones immaculately.

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