Iffie earrings in 14 KT Gold with green tourmaline


14KT gold earrings handcrafted with natural tourmaline.

In many cultures, elephants are revered and highly respected due to their symbolic meaning. Elephant symbolism and meaning are filled with mystical lore and power. These intelligent beings inspire imagination. This gentle giant exemplifies power and strength, wisdom, loyalty, gentleness, temperance.

Iffie earrings derive their soul from this powerful talisman. Hand-carved in the shape of an elephant, in 14 KT gold, and adorned with green tourmaline, this bold statement piece is sure to stand out on any special occasion.


Elephant height: 2 cm

Width: 1.7 cm



A talisman is any object that is imbued with protective powers, and all cultures have manifestations of such objects. Talismans are small objects believed to have the magic power to protect and bring good luck and fortune to their owner. They are supposed to keep the evil away from the person who wears them, protecting him/her from any illness, accident, disgrace, misfortune, etc.

Inspired by these magical vibes, Diane Singh has created a fine edit with two very distinguished Talismans, the crocodile and the elephant.

This collection has been handcrafted in 14kt gold and adorned with the multi-hued and vibrant Tourmaline, a stone filled with positive energy on its own. Unveil the mystic power of this collection and feel empowered with its optimistic energies.

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Green tourmaline, Pink tourmaline, Yellow tourmaline

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