Bumble honey comb jacket earring in sterling silver with prehnite


Handcrafted earrings in sterling silver with natural gemstones.

Honey bees remind us to zero in on the sustaining of our family, community, and care group. Bumble is hand-crafted soaking up the spirit of these constant and extraordinary manifestations of nature looking like the exemplary beehive having the hexagonal example, with a cut gemstone dazzling in the middle.

Removable jackets

Style tip: Try wearing the jacket in one ear and let your other stud do solitary magic or wear the studs alone. Style your way out.

Customizable in terms of the gemstones.



Spiritually, the honey bees symbolize diligence, brightness, community, and personal power. Assimilating this soul into our Honey bee Collection, the pieces are designed as the classic honeycomb pattern having the cut gemstone dazzling in the center.

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Black rutilated, Golden rutilated, Prehnite, Turquoise, Dyed Ruby, Labradorite

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