Astral necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating with black and blue agate


Handcrafted necklace in sterling silver and 18 KT gold plating with black or blue agate.

An eye-catching appeal is made into a necklace using rough cut agate. The unadulterated surface gives an edge to the wearer. Raw Beauty expresses the rough and untouched beauty of nature. All the pieces contain unpolished and untreated gemstones to give them a very earthy and characteristic appearance.

Chain length: 65 cms

Customizable in terms of chain length.

Black Agate is used for protection, courage, success. It is worn for courage and success in competitions. Black Agate with its hot energy helps Reproduction System. Black Agate is excellent as a healing crystal for respiratory issues, eases nausea, indigestion, cramps, and problems of the teeth and gums.

It has been believed that the gemstone lessens negative energies or various stresses. It is said to release tension and relax. It is a soothing and calming gemstone that heals inner anger, anxiety and helps in the strengthening of relationships. Agate instills security and safety. Blue agate stone is known as a talisman with great healing energies.

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Celebrating the natural beauty of gemstones with our RAW BEAUTY collection.
Gemstones have been used for healing purposes for centuries, with loyalists claiming they can do everything from boosting energy to calming frayed nerves as well as balancing the mind and body. The effect of gemstones can be felt with the tiniest piece of crystal because they store great amounts of energy. We pick our favorite gemstones that make us think of the beauty that nature brings Raw Beauty collection is celebrating the rough natural gemstones.

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Dimensions 65 cm

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