Amour necklace in sterling silver with labradorite


Handcrafted necklace in sterling silver with natural gemstones

A minimal hammered circle with negative space is set on a delicate chain making for a starkly, contemporary piece. Crafted in sterling silver, this one is sleek and fuss-free—slip it on and keep it on. Wear it solo or pair it with your favorite dainties, amour is always perfect to carry.

Chain length: 63.5 cms.

Customizable in terms of chain length and gemstones.

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Drop collection is inspired by the Water element of nature. It consists of the classic drop shape into which all the stones are cut. This assortment reminiscence the charm of free-flowing designs perfect for adding a colorful splash to your ensemble. It comprises minimally striking pieces which are easy, fuss-free, and very contemporary.

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Dimensions 65 cm

Green onyx, Black spinel

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